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Navy SEALs Board Mystery Tanker Morning Glory Near Cyprus. No One Hurt, Pentagon Says.

The Pentagon announced this morning that a North Korean-flagged oil tanker “Morning Glory” was seized earlier this month by three armed Libyans, from a breakaway Libyan militia. A United States Navy Seal team seized the diverted oil tanker in the Mediterranean waters southeast of Cyprus on Monday morning, thwarting the hijackers attempt to sell its contents on the black market. According to the Pentagon statement, “The boarding operation, approved by President Obama, was conducted just after 10 p.m. EDT on March 16 in international waters southeast of Cypress." The tanker is now docked at the Es Sider export terminal in Ras Lanuf. The ship and its cargo were stolen from the Libyan port of As-Sidra.” North Korean officials have disavowed any connection between North Korea and the Libyan militia.

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